Welcome to Writing For Blogs!

Writing for creative blogs differs greatly from writing for print. Nowadays, since the internet is so accessible, blogs have become the new medium for getting news on topics you want; you no longer have to read an entire newspaper or book to get the specific information you are seeking. For this reason, blogs have tailored to the wants of their readers, who generally look to the internet for instant gratification information. This is why blog posts are generally quick and to the point, so that people can read more posts, getting more information in a shorter amount of time. For instance, there is no longer a need to go looking for your information since subscribing to your favorite blogs instantly alerts you to any updates on the site. Another thing that appeals to blog readers is that they generally feel more of a connection to the author than when they read writing from more formal outlets. This connection is due to the fact that when writing blogs, the author’s tone can be as formal or informal as they want. These ideas can be found within all types of blogs, no matter the content. On this particular site, as Emerson College students we will be focusing on teaching you how to write for specific creative blogs: art, books, fashion, music, photography, and personal. While each of these has their own unique topic, they all relate back to these fundamental ideas of what to expect from writing for creative blogs.